The strange life of a certain "A Mallory"

The paranormal life of Andrew Mallory

Contact experiences 2001 and 2002

In the Beginning...sort of...

I was on the net frequently during the years 2000-2002, but was basically run-off, by way of harassment (presumably by the shadow Government of our LordZ and MasterZ). Of course, I did a certain amount of hell raising (i.e., truth seeking) to get that kind of attention. But that is a long story. I used public computers during 2004-2005 at the library, as I had no working computer from '03-'05.

After all my studies and experiences, I DEFINITELY DO believe that a kind of "ending" to the world we have known is coming, BUT only in a manner of speaking. I do not think it will end completely, especially here in North AmeriKa, but I am reasonably certain that things will be SEVERELY ALTERED FOR THE WORSE between now and the end of 2025.

How to Make ET Contact

This may have not been my brightest idea. As it comes about,  it may well be that disbelief is the BEST DEFENSE! Ultimately, you must make your own decisions when it comes to this kind of thing. One of the many things I have learned in this business is that it is almost impossible to distinguish who is who, or what is what!

My troubles with all of this began in late 2001. Unfortunately, I am utterly unable to write-up everything that has happened because it would take up an ENTIRE BOOK! I just flatly do not have the time for that at this juncture. This would be aside from the fact that I do not have a "happy ending" as it pertains to this "end time" situation. Now, back to the contact story...

PERHAPS...just maybe...I found the secret to "friendly" ET contact. I STILL don't know who or what they are (the "angelic" beings?). Unfortunately, my contact would also result in violent reactions from the Demonic Forces as well!


It seems that you just have to have a passionate interest in finding out what comprises the REAL universe and just express that feeling in enough ways. For instance, by just posting various rants on the Internet as shown below. I have long since come to understand that not only are the "angelic" and "demonic" forces highly telepathic, but they also apparently read what is on the Internet as well.

I had put out a call on the internet for friendly ET contact during November and early December, 2001. That post (now modified and edited as shown below) was posted at a few Yahoo E-groups. Little did I know what I had instigated.

POSTED AT VARIOUS E-GROUPS, late in 2001 (these postings are greatly edited and some of the wording has been changed for reason of brevity).

I have reason to believe the time is now upon us where we must make a SERIOUS EFFORT to establish real tangible contact with our friends "up there". As most of you know, the Constitution has been put in a car and run off of a cliff (as it pertains to US citizens). Our international friends are in likewise condition as they too will most assuredly be engulfed by the Satanic New World Order. WE MUST GET HELP! (I was worried about the NWO take-over scenario at the time. This may not materialize outwardly anytime soon. Perhaps it could occur sometime after 2012.

While I am not a close adherent of the Christian Bible, per se, but I consider some of it to be valid, ESPECIALLY the prophecies regarding the "end time". Since our voices of protest regarding this unnecessary calamity --namely the "War on Terrorism"-- are doomed to fall on deaf ears, then the only thing we can do is turn our attention to our ET friends, whoever they may be, and SOLICIT THEIR HELP. There is simply no way that any "militia" can possibly hold the line against Lucifer's U.S. armed NWO Army, with tanks, black helicopters, and only the gods know what else.

This is a SERIOUS effort. I do not belittle channelers, but this is intended to solicit tangible intervention by out ET friends. I am not enthusiastic about channeled messages regarding vague notions of "an awakening", or some other "woo-woo" type message.

My apologies to the "woo-woo" crowd in advance. Thank you all for your efforts.


Lo and behold!! A few days after posting the above, I received some rather cryptic e-mails from a certain "Anton", who seemed to be connected with the "Ashtar Command", a certain e-group:
>12/04 (1st message) Agreeing. plus: I have some secret
>signs or signals E.T. or different Agents. WAITING
>seems part of system.
>12/04 (2nd message, ten minutes later) I can tell more
>when E.T. mail contacts can get more concret or E.T.
>personal c.
>12/04 (4 hours after first e-mail from Anton)
>Greetings Andy agency cmdr ! The complex situation
>shows contact people like Adamski, Angelucci,
>Magocsci, and so on. Then there are the Lightworkers,
>the Channelers. They all wanted to help not only by
>information. The main thing is to get a better mass
>consciousness. And to transform the planet to a higher
>level dimension. What can we do? I am meditating.
>Intuition, Imagination. But if there can be personal
>contacts to E.T. Club? I got two anonymous contacts to
>my Handy email. Nearly nobody can know my Handy Tel.
>and Email. First contact had NO message. The address
>was of numbers as 1203-78....and so on I
>wrote them back 10 times. NO answer ! Secret service
>observing ?
>*****end of relevant e-mails*****

The e-mails shown above were copied verbatim. Anton was German, so his English was a tad broken. I have long since lost contact with the mysterious Anton.

As the week after the posting the above came to a close I had received the 2nd and 3rd James Gilliland video tapes (James Gilliland is a contactee in the State of Washington). He maintains a residence in the country near Trout Lake where UFO's often show up (see I viewed them both, not long after receipt. I viewed his 3rd video tape early Tuesday morning, Dec 11, 2001. Then I went to bed (I was working nights at the time).

I awoke at about noon on Tuesday with a VERY LOUD ringing (or a tone) in my left ear accompanied by a slight headache in the left temple. The ringing in the left ear, while not piercing my ear drum (this is a radio signal as it happens), was VERY LOUD! I've NEVER had ear ringing like that! It would take about 45 minutes to subside to a point where I could hear myself think. I took a couple of Ibuprofen pills then went back to bed. I pretty much knew what this had to be. This would NOT be the end of it. (This loud "ringing" continues to one degree or another to this very day. Might perhaps you be having this same symptom? If so, I would like to hear about this)

Later that night while at work I DISTINCTLY HEARD, in the left side of my head, a female voice say, "Andy?". WOW!!!! I've NEVER had something like that happen!

EVEN STRANGER is the fact that this voice was THE EXACT VOICE OF AN EX-GIRLFRIEND! The use of that ex-girlfriend's voice suggested to me that this could not possibly be the Government doing this. It had to be an intelligence of much higher order.

Since that time they have yet to say a word to me. Were they checking the "telephone" connection? Yep, it works alright. I just wish that they would talk to me while I'm conscious. It is my understanding that they do indeed talk to ALL OF US when we are sleeping. As it happens, I have had some "dream communications" from different entities. If this should ever happen to you, then YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO MISTAKE IT.

There would be some other developments to follow over the next few weeks. One night, a week or two after the first contact when I was sleeping in bed, face down, I was partly awakened by this seemingly angelic "fist of energy" that entered my body. This apparent angelic being went around inside my torso TICKLING was quite exhilarating! It went from place to place stopping for a couple of seconds to tickle me...and I'll bet you can't guess where it ended up.

(Pause) YEP! You guessed it!

Well, anyway, I raised my butt up in the air and I guess they got what I wanted because I can't remember anything after that --EXCEPT upon awakening, my testicles were slightly hurting. I did not remember this incident immediately upon awakening, and I could not figure out why I was hurting (only slightly). So, I blew it off and forgot about it until a few days later when the memory of what had happened returned. I now call this incident the "sperm raid".

The next thing to happen, was one of my cats went on a safari and didn't come back (Jan 15, 2002). He simply went for his morning walk around the house and was never seen again. This same cat had previously went missing for a time about six months after I first got him in 1995. He was a stray and a tad bit on the wild side, except he came back about ten days later. This time he was gone for good. Of course, it is possible that he may have merely gone on a usual outing and something happened, like a stroke, hit by a car (not likely with him), attacked by a dog or some such thing. Who knows?

Anyway, I never found him. I later came to the firm conclusion that this was indeed a paranormal event precipitated by entities known as Shadow People. I will never be able to prove this. However, there were two sightings of a Shadow Person after the loss of this cat by my Father of a man running between the houses. This requires further explanation.

These two "Shadow person" sightings took place not long after my cat was lost, once during January and once again in February (I never recorded the exact dates). It was my father who had these sightings, and he was not into the paranormal in any way whatsoever; he hated the subject. The biggest problem with these sightings is where they took place. You see, between the trash can and the brush that is in between the house and the west-side neighboring house (on the side where the sightings occurred) it would be physically impossible for anyone to run between the houses; it is simply too narrow and clogged with various things!

When the second sighting occurred, there was a layer of fresh snow on the ground, so that would mean there should be footprints. I went outside to check for footprints, but I pretty much knew I would find nothing as with the first sighting. Indeed this had proved to be the case. It was these two sightings by my father that confirmed for me that I was dealing with the proverbial Shadows.

About three weeks later after my cat went missing I was ATTACKED by an ENTITY (Probably the Shadows again). This occurred while I was asleep. It jumped on my back (I was face down again). I began screaming like hell, but within the confine of a dream gone to nightmare. I could not fully awaken, but I was desperately trying! It seemed like it was attempting to PULL ME OUT OF BODY!

To describe it physically, it felt like the output of a vacuum cleaner hose, but about one foot square, in the middle of my upper back (the "soul" is located in the solar plexus according to the Plejaren ET's); It continued to feel like that even AFTER I had awakened and this continued for a few hours afterward.

During the course of this entity attack I finally did partially awaken after perhaps 10 to 20 seconds. I bent my legs as if to try to kick-off this entity; it was a feeble effort as I was extremely groggy. I was still trying to scream, but now OUT LOUD --except that perhaps only a gurgle came out. Whatever I was doing, it was apparently enough to chase off this entity...I suppose.

I say, "I suppose", because this whole struggle probably occurred within less than a minute (another guess) at which point the entity apparently withdrew. I have no truly firm idea as to why it stopped. Perhaps the entity had made its point.

After the entity withdrew off of me, I lost what fear I had, and all I could think about was the cold air on the lower half of my legs (the blanket slid down to above my knees). But, I was just too groggy to take the trouble to adjust the blankets and I fell back asleep righrt away. When I awoke normally several hours later I remembered this incident very clearly (unlike the "sperm raid" which took a couple of days after the event to recall). It is VERY STRANGE the way memory works when paranormal entities are involved.

A couple of weeks later (around late Feb, 2002), a Windows 98 CD was apparently STOLEN from my apartment and then found over two months later. This set me back somewhat since I had originally borrowed this CD from a friend and had to buy him a new one. When I found it, around two months later, IT WAS RIGHT WHERE IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN when it was originally stolen. It was in a place that I had checked numerous times (I kept checking the location where it was eventually found in the vain hope that my eyes were playing tricks on me). There is NO DOUBT in my mind that someone (CIA, NSA?), or some thing (the Shadows?) had entered my apartment and had taken this CD and then returned it two months later for whatever reason. I never did use this CD again. It had to have been a severely modified version of a Windows 98 CD with a bunch of GI viruses on it. I would later give it to someone who had an interest in these things, but I never did get a report back from him on that.

The only other thing that I should mention in connection with this, was the apparent occurrence of surveillance by the men in the proverbial white vans (FBI? NSA?). They did not hang around very long once spotted. This act, along with the other incidents previously described seems to have been in reaction to my proposal to go out to the state of Washington and try to strike up a conversation with the ET's. I was never able to do this and gave up the idea as a result of many negative events, starting with the loss of one of my cats as mentioned above. (The place I was thinking of going to was James Gilliland's place near Mt Adams, Washington...long story)
For those interested, James' website is He has his own very in-depth contact story.

UFO Daze, July, 2002 (at Long Lake, Wisconsin)
Come July of 2002, I determined that I would not let the previous negative events stop me from taking a trip to join a group of people who were having success with UFO's showing up at Long Lake, near Dundee, Wisconsin. By way of short explanation, the event they were having every year for a time was coined "UFO Daze"...and UFO's really do show up!We had successful close sightings (perhaps within one-third of a mile) in the evening about 9pm, July 20, 2002. There were perhaps up to four videos taken of this event, some of which used to be posted at Those are probably no longer available. There were six ellipsoid neon-orange craft of the apparent typical 30ft in diameter variety. They only hung around for about 15 minutes or so. A few minutes after that, a "flying wing" type of craft appeared overhead for a couple of minutes or so.The event at Long Lake, Wisconsin, would essentially be the end of my para-experiences for 2002. I have a longer write-up concerning that on my Experiences age as shown here:  (raw URL provided in case it is needed)

More may added someday if... 

I have considerably more in they way of experiences, photos and video clips. I will probably never be able to add much to the Internet because it's becoming too dangerous to do so. Long story. I will try to give more detail on this later. 

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