The strange life of a certain "A Mallory"

The paranormal life of Andrew Mallory

My primary website is                  Go there if you dare.

I started this site way back in early 2011. I never did get back to it to any serious extent to develop it. Many events have happened since that time and I'm incurring heavy cyber assau1ts in one form or another from time to time.


There is a photo ga11ery page, but that appears to be dysfunctional or only partly working. There are several other pages as can be seen in the links panel to the immediate right. This small website may never be expanded upon for lack of time, money, and the very high probability of serious interference from the Government (aka, the Deep State).


Always beware of links gone bad as I only check this site once in a Blue Moon. There still are ways to get wherever you're going on the Internet, but nowadays it can often be frustrating. This is especially true of my website which was partly damaged in late 2016 by no action of mine; as of 2019 it's even worse. Evidently, it was placed high on a "diss" list. 


Page last messed with August 24, 2019

Hazards of reading the writings of Andrew Mallory

There are certain hazards to reading my writings. The biggest problem is that I aim straight for truth. This does not sit well with most folks. That's just how it is. Most people do not want to know just how incredibly fouled up everything is, and anyone who mentions this discomforting fact is going to be in trouble with almost everyone, and most especially BLACK OPERATIONS. Most of my writings have a strong undercurrent of gloom and doom. That's because this is where we're headed. I have found no way to stop that despite the efforts of many others besides myself.


The only hope I now see is President Donald Trump. This is the only ray of hope I have seen in decades. Trouble is that the whole system is arrayed against him. He may also not be aware of the magnitude of the situation facing us. That would be a big write up I can't do right now. The bottom line you must understand is that Trump may not be able to do very much in the end.  


Despite all that has gone wrong over the past several decades there are still some incredibly die-hard optimists and self-deluded others around. If you're one of those, then you may want to stop reading now. I do know some folks who are like this. The "truth" they get is from the deceitful mouthpieces of the system, primarily the vicious, lying, Deep State run lamestream media. If uncomfortable things aren't reported by the lamestream media, then most people will have much go by them unnoticed. I'm not sure if this idea of "ignorance is bliss" is a very good idea, but most people will still run with it anyway.


It is for the very few who have at least some interest in knowing what is going on that I am writing. I can't really even say just why I'm doing this as my conclusions are so very dire. That being said, I know that this reincarnation thing is real, so we do go on from here whether we want to or not. The particular human ET group I talk about on my website address this matter. Of course, this is yet another issue that most folks won't touch even though many ET's, both human and otherwise have everything to do with us here on Earth. Very few writers will even touch the bizarre issues pertaining to the real reality. The real reality is more complex than what most people are able to handle. 

There is no money to be made writing this kind of stuff. In part, I do it because I can. I'm retired ...sort of. That's another long story.


I'm also aggregating my writings for a possible CD or DVD for the young people of the 2030's as a kind of chronicle of what had really happened in the "time before" (Yep, we're in an "End Time" of sorts). I want to publish a record of truth and not the lies and myths that are sure to be foisted on the tiny remaining public of the new time. This may be the only really good reason I will attempt to survive into the mid 2020's. 


Prior to 2008 I had no intention creating a website or having much of an Internet presence at all. If I had it my way I would have just hide away into the woodwork and just been a quiet chronicler of the so-called "End Time". I had no intention of going public, but the ET/Aliens and the Government (of our Lords and Masters) had other plans! All of this is rather difficult to explain and I may never get around to writing up all that has happened to me personally since 2001. In fact, I had some lesser paranormal experiences going back to the early 1990's. More on this would be at my primary website:


Over the past decade or so I have come to consider that this endeavor has probably been a waste of time and effort. But, since it's already here I suppose I'll just leave it up. I used to believe that perhaps something could be done to reach the general public, but that has turned out to be a very frustrating experience. The levels of cognitive disassociation to say nothing of abject dumbness among the general public is much too great to overcome!

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