The strange life of a certain "A Mallory"

The paranormal life of Andrew Mallory

A strange letter of recruitment

This is a slight rewrite of something I have posted on my Experiences page of my website:

The event described in the following paragraphs occurred sometime during Spring, 1998.

I received a strange letter from someplace in Utah. Sadly, I did not have the presence of mind to keep it. This letter seemed to be trying to recruit me for some futuristic or progressive-like group. It did not say who they were or what the name of their group was. It was a very eloquently written and well typed letter which I would have no way of rewriting. Too bad. But, it did distinctly talk about this group working with "benevolent ET's" (!). This letter also went out of its way to state that this group was not connected with the government. It only gave a return P.O. Box address somewhere in Utah.

Back in those days, the first thought that came to my mind was that this had to been some kind of CIA perpetrated hoax. Among the reasons for my negative reaction to this was that there was NO WAY anyone could have had my address! Only the Government could have known where I was! By the use of the capital letter *G* I am referring to the government of our Lords and Masters, which is the true government (everything else is pure facade). It's also a poke at the Freemasons.

The receipt of this strange letter occurred only a few months after I had just moved back to my old hometown of Columbus, Ohio from Fairview Heights, Illinois (Jan, 1998), which is very near to St Louis. I had deliberately left no forwarding address (I was trying to shake the ubiquitous junk mail). I had no credit cards at the time and all connections to my former address were, in essence, severed. Therefore, this had to be connected with the Government!

I also felt that there was NO POSSIBLE WAY that anything like this could get through the mail without the Government KNOWING IT! If this group was truly not connected to the Government as was stated in the letter, then it could not possibly sending things like this through the tightly controlled mail without them knowing. This would have been true even in 1998 or even much further back than that. Therefore, whatever this was, it certainly had to be CONNECTED WITH THE DREADED GOVERNMENT in some way or another.

Another thing that struck me as very odd was this virtual ultimatum that I write back to them within three weeks (or thereabouts). If I did not, then I would never hear from them again. So, I didn't write them and indeed I never did hear from them again.  

I would hear about this issue of strange letters only once on the Coast to Coast AM radio show of Nov 13, 2007. That night they had a guest by the  name of James Casbolt who seemed to know something about this. I heard a question posed to him by a caller regarding the receipt of three of these STRANGE LETTERS trying to recruit him for some strange project. I don't remember the entire gist of James' answer, but he seemed to know something about this.

On January 17, 2010, George Knapp had a guest on the Coast to Coast AM radio show by the name of Gordon Novel, a former operative who indicated many connections to the black world. He revealed that he was told that the Government HAS EIGHT STARSHIPS! Presumptuous as it may seem, something like this would not surprise me one iota. They had to have been built somewhere! It certainly connects with the rumors of Area 51 being "moved" to northern Utah in the late 1990's. Of course, anything built elsewhere for secret projects would not entail the "moving" of any secret installations of the size and extent of Area 51. Indeed, Area 51 is still there. So that part of the rumor was wrong (and probably deliberately planted by the CIA).

For those who might not know this, it seems that certain people have actually been recruited to go to Mars! This seems to have happened to one Laura Magdelena-Eisenhower and a friend of hers. Laura is the great-granddaughter of former President Dwight D. Eisenhower. This kind of revelation certainly fits in well with the stories of Gordon Novel, and then with my own experience here.

The fact that we have heard next-to-nothing from any former workers having to do with Area 51, or any other place like it that has to do with a secret space program is ominous to say the least! It truly makes me wonder what would have happened to retirees working for those secret programs. Or did they retire? Are they executed in the same way the Nazi's did with most of their secret project technicians near the end of World War Two? Or perhaps they are brainwashed into a near vegetative state. One thing I remember from contactee James Gilliland is a certain Cherokee saying, "If it is not good for everyone, then it is not good". My tendency is to live by this creed even if unknowingly.

And benevolent ET's? Hmph! Benevolent to our NWO Masters perhaps! Whatever this project was, it gave me the strange feeling that I would be placing myself in an EXTREMELY DANGEROUS situation!

Anyway, all of these puzzle pieces seem to fit together frightfully well.

So tell me, what do you think? If any of you know anything about this, then please contact me at