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Contact Dreams -Might you be having these?

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Since late 2001, when my limited ET/Alien contact situation developed, I have been having MANY dreams of a highly unusual nature. These apparent "contact dreams" are VERY different from the normal run-of-the-mill dream. The state of consciousness I'm in when having those dreams seem to be much closer to a waking state. My memory of these very short "clips" of one of these dreams are sometimes intact, although I may not immediately remember them when I awaken; often it can be days later. Usually, what little I remember fades into the very short contact dream sequence --of perhaps a few seconds-- and then fades out entirely at the end of the sequence. The sequence remembered may only be a couple seconds long, or so.

I know that I'm not the only one having these dreams, but there is not much being written about this. Of course, most dreams are usually very difficult to describe, and most of the time they make little if any sense whatsoever. But these apparent "contact dreams" definitely fall into a different category.

I've had the following types of apparent entities in these dreams:

  • "gods"
  • Human ET's
  • Various well known political figures
  • Grey's of varying sorts
  • Billy Meier ...possibly
Sometimes in these dreams something is said, but most of the time I don't remember what was said. However, I distinctly remember the EMOTIONS from some of these short sequences. There have been some things said which I will not relate at this time for personal reasons. These dreams can often be VERY personal!

I still continue to occasionally have contact dreams to this day. Unfortunately, these dreams are simply too fragmented and vague to be able to relate. I do have some fragmentary memory, but only just enough to tell me that I'm indeed having these dreams.

I once heard a caller on the C2C show (Friday night, 20 July, 2012) relate that he was having contact dreams, but referred to them as "alien dreams". I did a Google search on this and found a few references regarding this issue. Here's one reference:

Other search terms might be, "freaky alien dreams", or "vivid UFO contact dreams".

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