The strange life of a certain "A Mallory"

The paranormal life of Andrew Mallory

Limited Bio partly taken from my website.

I have a real name: Andrew Mallory.

The "ama11ory" (using 2 one's) is a username that I employ in many places since amallory (with 2 L's) is generally not available. The site name here is "amallory.webs" (with two L's) because it was available.

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Since about 2002, I have been moving around from house to house, and town to town. I was mostly in Ohio during the first decade of the new millennium.

During mid-2006 I adopted a new home state:  Nevada. I was living between Nevada and Ohio  from 2006 to early 2014 when I finally withdrew completely from Ohio. I am keeping Nevada as my home state for the foreseeable future, but I am still considering fleeing AmeriKa! I purchased a sailboat in Ventura, California, May, 2015.

I was making preparations to set sail in 2017, but the election of Donald J. Trump to the presidency has changed that for the time being. The destruction of AmeriKa may be delayed, but ultimately it cannot likely be stopped. So, the future for my country and for that matter the entire planet does not bode well. 

There is a little more information on me below.

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A Very Limited Bio

I am now a senior American, born in 1955.


My own personal situation is rather unusual for my then comparatively young age: I was forcibly retired from the Federal government. What really happened was that I was thrown out of the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) in late 1994 on a disability issue. The disability was a psychological assessment (stress or PTSD) and was the result of a year long battle with a supervisor that resulted in eleven grievances being filed. To keep it short, I was essentially thrown out of the FAA for filing grievances against my supervisor and others. I was employed as an electronics technician (i.e., I was not an Air Traffic Controller).

At the time of my dismissal from the FAA I had no idea that I would never see a "real" job again. It was all small stuff after that, like guard jobs. I was slow to realize that the disability would mean that I was effectively blacklisted from any serious work permanently. At the time this happened back in 1994 I had no idea that our country was on its way to being taken down!

Perhaps the most profound result of losing my job with the FAA in late 1994 was my stumbling into the (then) Art Bell show (now called the Coast to Coast AM show with George Noory). This was a very important event in my life. I did not have Internet access back then, so that old radio show was the beginning of my indoctrination into the so-called "paranormal". When one is stuck in a guard shack late at night that show would tend to get ones attention! 

In late 1997, I sold my house in Fairview Heights, Illinois and returned to Columbus, Ohio. Since that time, I have been strictly renting, and have reduced down to merely renting rooms. Of course, this also allows me to stay quite mobile. I was residing entirely in Ohio (Columbus and Athens at various times) until mid-2006 when I moved to Las Vegas. I stayed there until mid-2007. The actual story behind this initial long-term visit to Las Vegas would be another long write-up, so I'll defer on that for now. 

I was repeatedly back-and-forth between Las Vegas and Columbus, Ohio from 2006 to early 2014. My parents had passed away by early 2013, so there was no longer any good reason to spend any more money going back and forth to Ohio. I also spent some time in Athens, Ohio, during 2008. As of May, 2015, I took up residence on a 30 foot sailboat in Ventura Harbor in California. 

I have been doing little to nothing in the way of "normal" everyday work since mid-2005. I am now experiencing the "NEW NORMAL"! Work for an old white man who dared to take on the system is non-existent. In any case, my websites and my paranormal photography have kept me very busy. 

Jobs for people are another thing from an earlier time. I have reason to believe that our world is in for a horrendous time in ways people cannot accept. I do have at least a mild sense of IMPENDING DOOM! When I say this, I do not mean to imply that "doom" is all that I think about. But, it should be clear to nearly anyone by now that the entire economic and social fabric is at grave risk of utter destruction!